Ring Sizing Guide

Download a Free Tool to Help You Measure Ring Size at Home.

Picking the perfect ring is an important task especially when it is for that special occasion which we all wait for i.e., wedding anniversary. Oh! and proposing to the love of your life too. Whatever the occasion is we all stress about the sizing. More importantly when you’re buying online.

The good news is that you don’t have to stress about it anymore. There are a few ways to ensure you get the right fit, depending on just how sneaky you need to be — we’ll break them down below, but first, a few things to consider.

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One-Size-Fits-All…. (Not!)

Unlike many accessories, rings are not designed to make them fit all sizes. Usually, the sizes are given in millimeters based on the inner circumference of the ring. So, if you are in need to of achieving the perfect fit at first try, understanding the basic measurements will put you a step closer.

Average Ring Size for Women

For women the size ranges from 3 to 9. In the USA, the most bought ring sizes are 5,6 and 7.

Average Ring Size for Men

For men, the size ranges from 6 to 13. In the USA, the most bought ring sizes are 8 and 10.

Can you Increase or Decrease the size of Ring?

The quick answer is Yes. However, we would be concealing important information if we don’t share the reality of doing it.

Firstly, resizing is costly. Also, it affects the quality of ring. Secondly, if the ring is too small and you are planning to increase its size. An extra piece of material needs to be added to the base. This process is pricy and may affect the quality and finish. Thirdly, if the ring is too big and you are planning to decrease its size. The jeweler will cut the ring and solder the ends together. If the job is done poorly, there will be a visible mark of join on your ring.

Therefore, instead of picking a ring by guessing. We encourage you to spend a little bit of time understanding the sizes and picking the perfect one at first stroke.

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Can you measure your Ring size at home?

Of course, you can! Use the link below to download and print a free ring sizing chart. Simply place your own ring that you feel comfortable wearing all day on the ring comparison chart. Record the size where the inside edge of your ring matches with the one on the chart. For example, a 18.1mm measurement equates to a size eight ring.

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